The Golden Mile is always game for your laughs and the laughter of those around you. Don a hat with an outrageous slogan. Stock up with the latest jokes and novelties.

No longer a shanty town of shacks, stalls and open air booths, much of the action today takes place in a string of luxury arcades with names like Coral Island, Funland and Oasis.

But you can still try your luck in winning furry friends as prizes or follow the numbers anxiously in a game or two of seafront bingo. Cross a palm with silver - although notes are the norm these days - and you can have your fortune told.

Perhaps it's all in the stars anyway - certainly the case when you rub shoulders with the rich, famous and even infamous, in the galleries of Louis Tussaud's Waxworks. Artists work all year round to recreate the models of those who make the news and, for visitors with nerves of steel, who knows what lies in store in the Chamber of Horrors? Not a full measured any means but definately golden one, for generations of holidaymakers the heart and soul of a resort built on fun.

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