Peerless piers are in little danger of ever going out of fashion in Blackpool. Our Victorian valuables have not been allowed to rust away into the sea as they have in so many other resorts. And what makes lt all the more remarkable is that Blackpool has three splendid piers - all boasting cast-iron reasons for the brightest of futures.

The oldest, North Pier, remains a paradise for promenaders and sunbathers alike. Things have gone back to the future with extensive improvements on a Victorian theme, including glazed conservatories and a delightful undercover carousel. Bang up to date, it also boasts the world's first end-of-pier helicopter service offering pleasure trips along the Prom and round the Tower.

Youngest of the trio is South Pier where a Big Top welcome leads through to all sorts of entertainment which has helped the attraction earn its nickname as the family pier. All three piers have theatres, restaurants, shops, arcades and bars but there is no chance of overlooking Central Pier unless you are doing it from the top of the 108 feet high illuminated Big Wheel.

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