While inland towns a cities may boast of a return to the streetcar scene, millions of seafront travellers can tell the what they have been missing. Blackpool had the worlds first permanent electric street tramway in 1885 and the more familiar overhead trolley trams were unveiled in 1899. You can see all the seaside sights in style and visitors often hop on a tram for a Promenade trip between the piers.

But the network is 12 miles long and stretches from Starr Gate right through the neighbouring resort of Cleveleys to Fleetwood That is why you will see some finely restored cars from ages past taking their places proudly along brand new streamline models which mainta regular and speedy service. During the Illuminations you can even ride on range of customised feature trams such as the Space Rocket and Wild West Train which join the regular fleet for everpopular circular tours of the twinkling autumn spectacular.

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